— is an international team of designers and software developers from the BRICS countries. CoHackers story began back in 1989. The main vector of development for the company has always been quality software development for all business needs, from Web sites and applications to custom SEO and integrated solutions in the field of cyber security.

An interesting fact is that until 2015 the company was not promoting it selves. It seems incredible, but there was not even a web site. New customers always came (and still come) on the recommendations of existing ones. 2015 was a turning point. A team of experienced designers joined. Increased competence in design allows us to offer even more quality in all aspects of our software products: Attractive and practical from the outside as well as reliable from the inside.

5 to 20 professionals are engaged in each project, depending on the complexity. Most software developers have an experience of 7 to 15 years and the designers 10 years.

Customers from all over the world mostly appreciate the reasonable pricing as well as delivery in strict accordance with the terms agreed upon. They receive high-quality and technically up to date software solutions for their business or personal use.

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